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Finding my own way to adapt and grow…

by Jennifer Martin on February 08, 2022

It’s taken 2 years for me to get to this point and I’ve had the best support from family and friends. I’m sure It wasn't easy for them either but I got there in the end thanks to these products. There was hope at last!

I’m finally feeling like I'm getting my life back on track and being the fun and adventurous Jenny again knowing I’m changing everything for the right reasons.

These products aren’t a cure but they have helped manage my day to day life where i have finally got the feelings of comfort back in my body.

My body felt so drained, I had aches and pains all over my body. Most days I couldn't get out of bed. I would suffer with bruising mainly on my arms and legs the feelings of immense pressure and discomfort throughout my body. I experienced widespread pain everyday for the 2 years.

I struggled to understand why medical professionals would advise using tablets to deal with my condition. After doing my own research and meeting people in similar circumstances to myself this made me realise that there must be another way to manage the pain other than taking countless pills daily. I felt this would only make things worse after reading the side effects they could have. After trying the tablets the doctors advised, I only felt lost, confused, frustrated and still in pain, this is how i knew it wasn’t the way i wanted  to go at 32.

Throughout my journey I came across various online groups which I found to be very negative . This is what made me realise that I didn't want this to consume my life and there must be another way.

I’ve come to realise that I’ve now accepted this condition and I have to adapt and not let it affect my everyday living. If I have to change every part of my life, that’s fine but I’m doing it my way!

The first product I tried was the gel capsicum, I went for one massage and the feelings after was so amazing to the point I brought 12 bottles straight away. Since using this I have never felt such relief like it. The fact that it lasted the whole day was a game changer. It even reheats through the day so gives my aches comfort from the heat. This was the moment I realised I wanted to research more and found out that these products were not available in the UK. This was my opportunity to share the passion I have for these products and what they have done for me.

I’ve also found that having magnesium flake baths really help to, protein recovery shakes help ease the pain and discomfort also.  I hope with this it can help you get your comfort back as it has mine.