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Skin care - Scarring-Skin conditions

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This combo pack is amazing for anyone who suffers with skin conditions it helps calm the skin and treats the issue, Calmaderm does contain NUTS HAZELNUT.

Cicatriderm is amazing for old, new and Keloids, I also use to treat bruises and insect bites to!

Firm oils active ingredient's are ideal for home use, can be used all over body great for elasticity and skin hydrating.


Calmaderm Oil : 10ml

Contains NUTS

Helps with...
Tackling eczema, dermatitis, urticaria, sunburn and rosacea. Can be used on troubled skin like spots or dryness.

Perfect for rashes, cosmetic medical treatments, peeling or uncomfortable skin after hair removal.

Jenny’s tips...
Apply 1-2 drops / thin layer of oil directly to damaged skin and massage in. Use day or night.

Ingrediants: Hazelnut, Rosehip, Chamomile, Lavender


Cicatriderm : 10ml

Helps with...

Bad scarring, old and new keloids, insect bites and bruising.

I found it stops the icky feeling from  insect bites, also using on my bruises it helped bring the colour of the bruise down.

Properties of the oil promote skin elasticity and healing.

Jenny’s tips...
Apply 1-2 drops directly to affected area and massage in, can be used as a treatment.


eeezefact:- Myrrh Helps harmful bacteria.

Ingredients: Sweetbriar Rose, Myrrh, Parsley



Firm oil : 100ml

Helps with…

Firm oils active ingredients are ideal for cosmetic regeneration in the home environment.

The oils properties can assist with muscle aches, pains and wound healing.

Ideal for body massage, this oil can also be used on the face.

For complexion, use to reduce the appearance of roughness, fine lines and wrinkles.

Great for elasticity and skin hydration.

 Ingrediants: Basil and Myrrh