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Gel Capsicum VS Branded Heat Cream

by Jennifer Martin on February 08, 2022

For absolutely ages I have been blowing Gel Capsicums horn and only want to share the relief it has brought me. Over the past year I have used it daily and I believe I have helped others find a natural way to manage their pain.

But I’m a new business and there’s only one way to compare what I distribute - test the most well known brand.

Most brands will use chemical compounds for their various attributes but after looking into Terpenic’s Gel Capsicum, the compounds used are for binding and texture combined with mostly essential oils. These oils have been carefully selected for their effects ranging from anti-inflammatory, blood circulation and pain relief.

Branded heat cream also has essential oils from natural sources but some products carry more chemical compounds than natural ones so take a look at the ingredients list if you purchase this product. Only 33% of gel capsicum is comprised of compounds vs the 60% in the leading market brand that I used. Chemicals and toxins are in a lot of things we use daily, I just find it interesting to know which carry’s more!

I decided to test out the leading market brand against the product I sell and see what the differences are.

On the left side of my back, I applied Gel Capsicum, on the right, the leading market branded heat cream.

The cream from gel capsicum absorbed straight into my skin and the warming effect was instant. I applied at 6:30 and the gentle heat lasted for 35 minutes but had probably warmed up the rest of my body at that point so I forgot to reapply and felt no aches or pains and felt comfortable.

The smell died down pretty quickly and didn’t linger. I didn’t feel it stuck to my clothes or bed. I had a good wash of my hands and settled down.

For 4 and a half hours I forgot about any aches and pains until I fell asleep and awoke the next morning with aches down my right side but my left side feeling fine! After a quick shower I reapplied again so it could help me throughout the day!

The next night I applied Branded heat cream at the same time as the previous evening, 6:30 pm.

I was surprised as the cream felt slicker and didn’t seep into my skin as the gel capsicum had.

The heat lasted twenty minutes less in comparison, just 15 minutes followed by a polar opposite cooling sensation on my skin which I didn’t really like.

The smell was much more potent which I found hard to bare. It seemed to soak into my clothes after a much longer application time waiting for it to soak in and constant massaging. I found the smell really overbearing and even changed my top as it just clung to it. I felt like it had enveloped me!

After 90 minutes I felt like I needed to reapply but just couldn’t face the odour again so chose not to. I also considered having to repetitively apply it every hour and a half - felt excessive.

Again around 11pm, I felt pain return down my right side in the form of a dull ache that developed slowly. By the morning, it was back to full pain but surprisingly my left side felt ok.

This cream has initial pain fighting properties but I felt they were short lived and the smell outweighed the relief unfortunately for me and I found it wasn’t nearly as absorbent and easy to apply as the gel capsicum.

Do I sound biased because I already import and distribute Gel Capsicum? No, its the reason WHY I import it.

In the years without Terpenic Labs’ amazing bottle of relief, the Branded heat cream never gave me what I was looking for so it was never repeatedly used.

My life changed the day the masseuse used this on me and there was no turning back. Every day since I have used this and changed the way I manage my pain.