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Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our friends say…

by Jennifer Martin on January 07, 2022

“This cream was a life saver to go up the mountain with!! many thanks jenny! “ - Chris

“The gel  capsicum is so affective I’ve just bought the full size will definitely be using this regularly” - Sarah

“I had a stiff neck for days put some on and felt  relief straight away” - Hayley

“The burn is intense I’m impressed I underrated this!” - Brendan

“Well you have a glowing report from me my back has improved overnight and is the best its felt since it hurt! “ - Brendan

“By the way both my achy legs and ankle sprain have cleared up completely” - Jay

“I used the cream this morning after a hot bath and it definitely has eased the intense muscle ache” - Linda

“Had the worst pain on the inner of my arm rubbed cream in after bath and OMG it was spicy worked a treat, only needed it 2 nights and the pain was gone” - katie

“Wicked I’ve got it on now and it feels like a really strong deep heat! “ - wez 

“Thank you for the gel it felt so good, well keep using it and buy another bigger bottle” - Jo

 “My husband bought some of your glorious hand cream, I’ve suffered with Reynaud’s for years I have to say this cream is amazing” - Katie