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Wow! What an intense 12 days!

by Jennifer Martin on February 08, 2022

I have never experienced such discomfort with my digestion system before. 

I’m still going through it and have a lot to change eating wise which feels like another fibro curveball! 

I was doing so many different things like changing my work hours and how I organised my day - it has been a massive change. 

I thought this would be enough but I guess it’s just another one of life’s changes I need to get to grips with. 

 I always said and still say I’m not taking away - I’m adding! The thought of not having food that I love or having to go out for food and only have certain things on the menu, that’s not a life!! I don’t want it that way if I can help it!!

For me, I want to learn about how things can help but also have fun with it. I’m interested in the cannabis side of cooking and it amazes me how much you can do with it. Each thing can help in so many ways!

My body is starting to feel comfortable again for the first time in a fortnight and I won’t lie, it did scare me. The feeling of overwhelming pain and knowing this may take a while. My body already battles daily, what else can come with  this bloody condition?! It’s like one step forward then 5 steps back and it can be massively tiring just THINKING that!! 

I forgot that is this is how shit I felt everyday!

It wasn’t until October 2019 that I really felt more like me again. My brain felt like mine again! 

I could only describe it as being in a room full of people, everyone you love but actually feeling completely on your own. 

I had never experienced anything like this and then everything came at once and I had to learn how to get my head around all of this change. I really didn’t want to deal with it but I always knew I could somehow get back to the life I love. 

This fibromyalgia journey has been something else. I can honestly say I have felt things (and really not nice things) in pain and tiredness that is consuming. To the point it felt like “this really is a fucker!” but I needed to find my balance to cope with it, to smile again (not that I didn’t it, I just had to make myself do it!).

I’m feeling my smile come back!! I forgot how much I was going through with it.

After quite a few worrying years, the lost and unknown times felt a lot to carry.

This IBS (or whatever this fibro side effect is!) and everything else is just something I need nature to work out for me. I will figure out how to deal with this but I’ll do it with fun and laughter as much as I can!! I’m learning about things & I never thought I could use this condition to better myself. I’m exploring things I never thought I would have an interest in. 

I’m learning every single thing from scratch. I’ve never done any of these things that I’m going into and the best thing is, I don’t feel scared in any way. The feeling and happiness I’m getting from this unknown journey doesn’t feel painful, so for me, I’m happy to feel that!