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Terpenic Muscular massage oil 5ml with Hematite crystal
Terpenic Muscular massage oil product swatch with Hematite crystal
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Muscular oil & Hematite crystal

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  • Bringing balance + clarity, connected to most herbal + woody essential oils, this crystal will nicely boost the healing properties of bay leaf + rosemary essential oils found in this oil. 

  • Hematite also helps to relieve joint and muscle pains. 

  • Muscular oil - Contains NUTS


    Helps with…

    Soothing muscles all over the body. This oil can be used in a therapeutic massage setting.

    Which can help these oil leaving you with a refreshed feeling.

    This can be used to massage an area, then putting Gel capsicum on for extra relief.

    Great for sports or day to day aches.

    Jenny’s tips…

    1 or 2 drops in the bath with help! Alternatively, apply after bath directly to skin, then place a warm towel over affected area for relief.

    eeezefacts:- Bay leaf has pain-relieving properties.

    Ingrediants : Sweet Almond (NUT), Rosemary, Bay leaf

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