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Terpenic Cicatriderm 10ml brightening solution with pipette applicator
Terpenic Cicatriderm skin brightening solution swatch
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Cicatriderm Terpenic Lab - Advanced Skin Repair Oil

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Cicatriderm - Restorative Fast Absorbing Face & Body Oil

Terpenic Cicatriderm face & body oil is an advanced skin repair solution that promotes rapid and effective healing of wounds, scars, and damaged skin.

Fast-absorbing formula with 100% natural essential and vegetable oils regenerates and restores the skin by providing essential nutrients and hydration.

Crafted by Terpenic, a renowned name in natural remedies, this innovative product combines a potent blend of active ingredients to provide exceptional results.

Cicatriderm’s formula accelerates the skin's healing process and restores its natural beauty, whether you have minor cuts, burns, surgical scars, or skin irritation.

Sizes Available:

Available in a 10ml bottle with a dropper for easy application.

Active Ingredients:

  • Rosehip Vegetable Oil: A rich source of essential fatty acids, vitamins A, C, and E, rosehip vegetable oil is a powerhouse ingredient for skin rejuvenation and repair. It deeply nourishes the skin, promoting cell regeneration and reducing the appearance of scars and blemishes. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties help soothe irritated skin, making it an excellent addition to the Cicatriderm formula for accelerating healing.
  • Myrrh Essential Oil: With potent anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, myrrh essential oil is renowned for supporting skin healing. It aids in reducing redness and inflammation, while its astringent properties contribute to tightening the skin, improving its texture, and minimising the visibility of scars and fine lines.
  • Parsley Essential Oil: Parsley essential oil is a rich source of antioxidants, including vitamin C and beta-carotene, which help protect the skin from free radicals and promote a more even skin tone. Its natural skin-nourishing properties make it an excellent choice for supporting the healing process and reducing the appearance of scars.

Benefits of using Cicatriderm:

  1. Enhanced Skin Regeneration: Rosehip vegetable oil, known for its rich source of essential fatty acids and vitamins, works harmoniously with myrrh and parsley essential oils to stimulate skin regeneration. This dynamic combination helps accelerate the healing process of wounds, cuts, and scars, promoting the growth of healthy skin cells.
  2. Reduced Scarring: The potent properties of myrrh and parsley essential oils contribute to diminishing the appearance of scars. By supporting collagen production and providing antioxidants, these oils fade scars, resulting in smoother, more even-toned skin.
  3. Anti-Inflammatory Action: Myrrh and parsley essential oils possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe and calm irritated skin. When combined with the nourishing effects of rosehip vegetable oil, they can alleviate discomfort caused by insect bites and other skin irritations.
  4. Improved Skin Elasticity: Rosehip vegetable oil, being a natural source of vitamin A, and myrrh essential oil, helps improve skin elasticity. They promote the firmness and resilience of the skin, reducing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.
  5. Moisturisation and Hydration: The presence of rosehip vegetable oil in Cicatriderm provides deep moisturisation and hydration to the skin. This helps maintain skin suppleness and prevents dryness, allowing the skin to heal more effectively.

How to Use:

  1. Clean the affected area with mild soap and water.
  2. Gently pat the area dry with a clean towel.
  3. Apply a thin layer of Cicatriderm (1-2 drops) to the wounded or damaged skin.
  4. Gently massage the product into the skin until fully absorbed.
For best results use Cicatriderm twice daily, morning and night, until the skin has fully healed for best results.

Note: Before using Cicatriderm, especially if you have any allergies or skin conditions, it is advisable to conduct a patch test and consult with a dermatologist or healthcare professional.

Tips & facts from Eeezetopia:

Cicatriderm effectively soothes the discomfort caused by insect bites and aids in reducing the discolouration of bruises, promoting a rapid healing process.


Rosa Rubiginosa Seed Oil, Commiphora Myrrha Gum Oil, Carum Petroselinum Seed Oil, Limonene, Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyl Salicylate.

100% Natural compenent.

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