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The cosmetic and natural line goes back to the source for a natural, purer and simpler beauty. A sensorial experience that offers pleasant Mediterranean scents with seductive textures. Its formulas are based on the principles of pharmacognosy. The extraordinary concentration of natural and  organic ingredients (more than 99%), together with the innovative, organic production process production process, makes it possible to achieve excellent results visible from the first application. It is a vegan friendly, BIO and 100% NATRUE certified. Its natural fragrance is created from 100% pure, whole, natural and chemotyped essential oils that bring balance and harmony. This unisex cosmetic line is designed to combat different types of environmental aggressions: it is an anti-pollution line.

It fights against oxidative stress, which causes premature ageing, and against environmental aggressions by neutralising the free radicals that cause oxidation and leave the skin more fragile. Its active ingredients deflame and nourish the skin, keeping the skin young and radiant, and diminishes the visible signs of ageing by acting directly on the causes of ageing. It is the definitive treatment to combat the signs of skin ageing caused by the different types of pollution in urban environments. Through its natural active ingredients, it seeks the perfect balance