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Livium and Amazonite Crystal Set

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  • A harmonious crystal that is connected to helichrysum essential oil, which is in this cream and will boost it’s healing properties.

  • Will also help with chakra balancing, as well as bringing balance and connecting the mind, body and spirit. 

  • Amazonite is well known for maintaining overall good health.

  • Livium: 100ml

  • Helps with...

    This is great to use before work when you have a long day on your feet.

    When you are active or after work out.

    Circulation and relieving feelings of heaviness in the arms and legs.

    Can assist with recovery after vascular sclerosis and can be used to ease restless legs.

    This cream leaves you with a pleasant coolness.

    Jenny’s tips...
    Best used twice daily after showering / bathing and before bed.

    eeezefact:- Rosemary and Clary Sage are great for circulation

    Ingredients: Helichrysum flower, Basil, Peppermint, Clary Saga, Rosemary