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Lymphatic System Oil - Cream - Lip balm

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This combination is great for helping the lymphatic drainage system, the oil can be used for massaging the areas around the limp nodes. The cream is amazing for helping rebellious areas of the arms ,legs and stomach.

These products can help people going through treatments it can help water retention, circulation and hydrating your skin.

Its all natural ingredients used.


Dren oil: 100ml

Helps with…

Body massage oil specifically for lymphatic drainage.

Great for all over body use and therapeutic massage.

Dren leaves skin soft, hydrated and fresh. This product is enriched with Vitamin E which helps maintain healthy skin.

Apply enough oil on the area to be treated and perform the appropriate massage.

Jenny's tips... I have been using this for when I have my lymphatic drainage massage, this helps with inflammation and detox for the body.


Ingredients : Palmarose, Sage, Peppermint



Celuderm : 200ml

Helps with...
Fighting cellulite even in the most rebellious areas.

Helps prevent ‘orange peel’ skin.

Find optimal levels of absorption, help fluid retention and detox your skin.

Jenny’s tips...
Apply twice daily after bathing / showering and before bed. Can be used on eczema.

eeezefact:- Also available as an oil.

Ingredients: Lemon, Geranium, Bitter Fennel



Lipnature balm:

This is an intensive, long lasting protection for dry lips.

It’s composition is rich in vegetable oils, waxes, shea butter and tocopherol, gives it softening, nourishing, moisturizing, protective, filmogenic and antioxidant properties.

Jenny's tips... 

eeezefact: Has 11 natural ingredients.

This is free from: